How to play

It is super easy for you to enter one of our competitions and be in with a chance to win one of our prizes. Check out the steps below and if you need any more help check out our FAQ or contact us.

Pick a competition

We have lots of cool prizes for you to win! All you need to do is check out our current competitions and pick one to enter!

You can view our currently active competitions here.

Enter Competition

Get your Quigz ready! Quigz are our very own Virtual Tokens which are used exclusively to purchase items from and enter Prize Competitions. If you’re Quigz-less, head over to “My Account”, select “My Quigz” and top-up using one of our payment services. Usually, each entry to a competition is 1 Quigz (the equivalent of £1) and our minimum deposit is the equivalent of 10 Quigz.

Read through the description in the Prize Competition so you know which cool item you could win and, If the competition requires an answer to a question, you need to select the correct answer to qualify; take your time. If you get it wrong, you do not proceed and no refunds are given.

Once you have selected your answer, choose how many tickets you want – you will be randomly assigned tickets from those available (you will be able to see the numbers in your Order Confirmation). Then simply checkout and wait for the timer to end. Once the timer ends, or if the tickets sell out early, we update the Prize Competition title with the date when the draw will take place. We then draw the winner in our Live Videos on our Facebook Community Group (Sigz – Community Group)! That’s all there is to it! Good luck.