DRAWN (23/01) – THE ONE QUIGZ Mystery Mini Signed Helmet #3 – Closes 23/01

1 Quigz Per Ticket


Once again, YOU decide how many tickets sell, at just 1 Quigz each!

With some huge names up for grabs, you’d be a fool to miss out! So far, in our series of 8 boxes, we have seen an Aaron Donald, LA Rams, Lunar Eclipse Mini and a DJ Moore, Carolina Panthers, Speed. With the promise of some belters mixed in the bunch, including starting QBs, what are you waiting for? What will be in Box 3?

Winner is: chrismarley2829

Ticket number: 146 Answer: Peyton Manning

Congratulations to our winner who receives a Cam Akers, Los Angeles Rams, Speed Mini Helmet! A beauty... and only 109 tickets sold!

One winner will be selected at random on our Facebook page (Sigz – Community Group) on the date specified in the title, which is added once the competition closes. We use random generators (including Random.org) to determine the winner, sometimes multiple. Entries for each Prize Competition will begin, and close, at the times stated. All competitions will close, and run, regardless of the number of tickets sold. The Prize Competition Question must be answered correctly for your entry to be accepted. Incorrect answers result in a failed entry and no refund is given. Paid entry route only; additional information can be found within our Prize Competition policy.