DRAWN (01/08) – The Full Size Elite Series (RED#5)


The Full Size Elite Series

Chrome, AMP, Flat White, Eclipse, Matte Black, Authentic, Hydro, Multi-Sigz, Legends and more! The Full Size Elite Series contains the most incredible speciality items, names, and surprises! We have 3 series, made up of 5 boxes in each. Referred to as ?, ? and ?. The BLUE and GREEN are now complete and revealed some beauties including Jerry Rice – 49ers, Davante Adams – Packers MATTE WHITE helmets and the MEGA MYSTERY BOX! The ? series now continues! ONE WINNER, per competition, will win the contents of ONE BOX. Hidden amongst the prizes are:

? 2003 Team – Titans – 40 Sigz (WON IN BLUE#5)
? OJ Simpson – USC Trojans – Chrome
?Davante Adams – Packers – Matte White (WON IN BLUE#4)
? David Johnson – Cardinals – Hydro
? Zach Ertz – Eagles – Eclipse (WON IN BLUE#1)
Adam Thielen – Vikings – AMP (WON IN GREEN#1)
DK Metcalf – Seahawks – Eclipse+Inscrip (WON IN RED#1)
? Matt Ryan – Falcons – AMP (WON in GREEN#3)
?Sam Darnold – Jets – AMP (WON IN BLUE#2)
? Jerry Rice – 49ers – Speed Rep (WON IN GREEN#2)
? CJ Mosley – Jets – Hydro (WON IN GREEN#5)

PLUS each series contains:

? One MYSTERY Full Size Speciality Helmet

ALSO, hidden somewhere amongst the 15 boxes:

One MEGA MYSTERY BOX with a range of signed and unsigned memorabilia to the value of £600!!! (WON IN RED#2)

Please note that at the time of this competition being drawn, RED#3 and RED#4 will have been drawn moments before, leaving only 1 box which will be allocated to this competition – this is the 3rd of 3 concurrent prize draws which includes RED#3, 4 and 5 which all open and close at the same time.11 Quigz Per Ticket. Ticket numbers will be randomly assigned. Paid entry route only; additional information can be found within our Prize Competition Policy. Pictures of the named items above are shown below.

Winner is: fattonypennington

Ticket number: 2 Answer: 1

Congratulations to our winner who is the new, proud owner of a stunning, unique, Matte Black, New York Jets, Full Size Authentic Helmet, signed by Le'Veon Bell and inscribed with "Jet Up". Beautiful!

One winner will be selected at random on our Facebook page (Sigz – Community Group) on the date specified in the title, which is added once the competition closes. We use random generators (including Random.org) to determine the winner, sometimes multiple generators. Entries for each Prize Competition will begin, and close, at the times stated, unless all tickets are sold in which case the Competition will close at such time. All competitions will close, and run, regardless of the number of tickets sold. The Prize Competition Question must be answered correctly for your entry to be accepted. Incorrect answers result in a failed entry and no refund is given. Paid entry only; additional information can be found within our Prize Competition policy.